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How do I get buyers?


I just listed my Gigs on Fiverr for about two weeks ago. I listed about 15 Fiverr gigs which I think are great services but orders are not coming forth.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of driving massive traffic to my Gigs through Backlinking, bookmarking, solo ads, etc. But, I m not sure if Fiverr does allow these methods.

Perhaps, successful sellers should look at my Gigs and tell me what I am not doing right.

I will appreciate any help.




Hi and welcome.

Be patient.

2 weeks on Fiverr is not enough time for your gigs to take root and get going. Some sellers will relate how it took months for them to get going.

For a newbie you’ve got a lot of gigs, which can sometimes work against you. It’s too much too soon. In just 2 weeks you can’t really learn how Fiverr works, what buyers look for in a seller and how sellers deliver successfully.

You’ve got to test and tweak your tags, your gig descriptions and your offer until it starts to click. When you’ve got 1 or 2 gigs working and the sales promote you up a couple of levels, then you can offer extras and do so much more for your buyers.

Yes you need to drive traffic to your offer. Social media, blogs and elsewhere. The amount of orders you get is directly proportionate to the amount of promoting you do outside of fiverr.

Read the forum thoroughly. Read the Fiver blog.

Be patient.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I agree with @voiceoverwork … too many new gigs all at the same time. Why don’t you choose the best 4 and pause the rest?

Not to be rude … but the first thing I saw was incorrect English …"Thanks a great for coming here! " So many have a native English user edit your bio and all your gig descriptions?

Since you are selling all these links and ways of selling stuff for other people … why don’t you use your own gigs to sell your own fiverrs?

Good luck


I agree with @voiceoverwork and @melrock. Too many gigs to start with. I also agree on the incorrect English being a major turn off to buyers. I am a native English speaker and professional film maker. Below are changes I would make to your description. If you think it’s worth it I will edit any other Gig Titles/ Descriptions for $5 each.


Thanks a great for coming here!

Change to:

Thanks a lot for coming here!


Thanks for coming here!


Thanks for checking out our Gigs!

The “and” between Marketing and SEO seems like it should be a comma

Draphic Designing

Change to:

Graphic Design





You’re getting some great advice from these folks. I hope you’re taking notes.

Your bio profile says, "We are professional Advertising and Graphics Design Firm."

I see a photo of a guy. Are you a YOU or are you a WE? Don’t try to be something you’re not.

Your bio says…

“We are here on Fiverr to take your business to the next level through Solo Advertising, Social Media Promotion, Email Marketing and SEO and Draphic Designing”.

It’s odd that you’re asking the Forum “How do I get buyers?”. Why aren’t you using one or more of your own gigs to get buyers?

And it isn’t necessary to have your gig link in your bio profile.