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How do I get clients


For the past month have not had any job or client. Please what am I doing wrong?


Hello hopecreatnz
I am also having the same problem! My november and december’s sale was too down! I am clueless actually.


This may be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


I am a level one seller and works pretty much regularly on Fiverr. And got messages from buyer almost every 2-3 days. But from last month my sell is also slowing down. I am also getting worried about that


Well; my 2 cents on this are --------
BECOME EXCEPTIONAL IN YOUR SKILL- and give only the best of best…
keep the price range (affordable) …
buyers will find you… one way or another…


I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Your prices are right, your gigs are interesting, your gig images are great. Maybe there’s not enough interest for what you’re selling?

Maybe health bloggers are writing their own blogs instead of hiring others to do them?

My advice would be to find some keywords that few people are using. For example, maybe everyone uses health, but perhaps few use medical, drug, RX, hospital, health insurance, etc. I have no idea because I haven’t search, but that can be a good way to stand out from the crowd. Just make sure the keywords are relevant to your gigs. Don’t use “quantum physics” unless you can write about that.


i have same problem ,what should to do ?


Also i have same problem…


@worldtrend850 If you want help you need to create your own topic.


Thank you very much llyodsolution


Why is it this way, really I’ve been bidding and yet nothing.


Great insight, thank you fastcopywriter. I’d so some keywords research