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How do I get first order.Please help

Hello there
I am on fiverr for 22 days and have been trying really hard and sent 110 buyers requests yet no order please help
Thank you


Hey there! Looks like you have cool gigs! Getting first orders can be to do with creating a base for yourself and simpy growing from there!

I think i could definitely help you with this!

Thanks a lot lukejudd5
I really appreciate the time you spent to go through my gigs
Can you please elaborate a bit more on creating a base
Thank you

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Can I do this here? I thought only to wait until they find you and invite me myself. How did you do this? I’ve been here a couple of days, I don’t know everything.

Brother if you can give a Test in fiverr on Photoshop cc!
It can help you for ranking!

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I know this message was not for me, but good advice, thanks!)

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There are several things that youmay do including reaching out to social media and making sure your account is as good as possible

Check out this helpful article:

Check this to learn about buyer request:

Thank you, this is interesting!

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We will wait for the buyer make your gig more, and do more offer

Hello akib0079 I have taken test for all the English tests and passed with a score of 7+
I will take the photoshop test soon I am still an intermediate in photoshoop

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thanks you for the link

jiteshvprakal please elaborate thanks

failnija you have to go to forum in community and select create new which is a green button on the right corner of your screen
I hope this helps

Thanks, be sure to do it.

I have the same problem :sweat_smile:

I understand
I wish we can send more than 10 buyer requests