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How **** **** do i get fiverr to answer a question?

I have had two requests rejected, why? how do i find out why? Should I try another service?

Requests for what? When you say rejected, in what way were they rejected?
We need some details.

That’s my problem, i have been told they have been rejected but not why.
In desperation i posted the same question as a request hoping that i might get given reason, here is what i got back,
Your request “We need 5 web sites designed in html…” did not pass our review due to one (or more) of the following reasons:
• It was misleading/unclear.
• It contains contact information (i.e. Skype, email, phone #), or your site/social media url.
• It contains payment information.
• It contains a request for services that are not allowed on Fiverr (i.e. Bitcoin services, paid Wordpress themes, licensed software, etc.)
• You submitted your request to multiple categories. You should select the most suitable category and subcategory, and then submit only one request.
Please remember that repeating these violations can result in your account being restricted.

Given that the request asks for the new web sites to be based on redesigning our existing website how do i get that done if i can’t tell any one what the web site is?

Ok you can ask customer support about this, thanks for clarifying.

Two suggestions:

Buyer requests can be a good way to find active sellers for services that don’t fall under an easy category. It’s not a good way to try to put all the details about your job. I would simplify it and if you find a seller you like, then work out details.

Your job fits easily into web design categories. Instead of using buyer requests, why not go to the main page, find some well-respected sellers and just contact a few directly?

[EDIT] Answered above