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How do I get level 1?

If I need more orders to get level 1, give me a trip. Who will be helping me…???

I wish…

You are offering a great service, and I’m sure you’ll make a go of it soon. My best advice would be to do some reading in the Fiverr Blog section. There are so many invaluable tips and ideas to help you boost your sales. Anyway, good luck to you!

Reply to @valanne: Thank you Valanne

You should be patient because your account isn’t more 30 days yet.

Good luck!


Today I’m going to put my first step of second month, As I think I will be able to get level 1 with more sells,

You need total 10 orders. I have seen that you delivered 9 orders. Was need just 1 :frowning:

BTW, i am new here and i got level 1 in 1st month.

Reply to @ts4yoof: Cong! I will be getting it soon!