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How do i get many orders?


I opened a new account on the Fiverr marketplace. Please provide me some advice that will help me get many orders. Maybe I could build my career in Fiverr for your advice. Pray for me. Thanks for your time.


Promote your gig every day on social media networks.
Buyer requests (10) sent


yes i know, but my ratings are down so that I cannot send any buyer request.


There is no advice to get many orders. And even if there was such advice somewhere out there, you can probably imagine that people wouldn’t just tell their secret to anyone :slight_smile:

But honestly now, there is no such advice – you can, however, find a lot of tips & advice on the forum on how to get many orders. Just search for “UPYOUR” and you’ll find specific threads that will help you boost your gigs and get many orders :wink:

P.S. you’ll get many orders after some time of doing great work - you’ll have to work your way to that “many”, and praying isn’t the Fiverr way, I’m sorry. Fiverr believes in DOERS, so it’s up to you to get orders.


Thanks for your advice. Yes, i will try my best to boost my gigs.


promote your gigs on social media and be patient . The buyers will definitely approach you.


It’s not quite that simple. There are no guarantees here.
You’ve been here since November and you have one review.

As Woofy mentioned, OP should go through the UPYOUR posts and actually do the work.


I’ve moved this to new user introductions. Welcome to the site, as @Woofy31 has suggested, search UPYOUR for a lot of great information, you can also check the Seller Help Centre:


I do marketing on social media daily but not get any response.


Those flashy images you’re using are not allowed.

Selling software activation keys is illegal, as far as I know (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

You say that you have experience with SEO and marketing, so you should be able to efficiently promote your own services, too. If you have trouble with marketing your own services, how can you help your buyers?


thanks for your advice. I did not know this matter. and yes, i will do provide just SEO work. other gigs i will remove.


Thanksv for your advice. i will do.


If so, promote your gig social media network.
We can not find buyers immediately when promoted
That why should be repeated
You yourself have to find the buyer


yes, but how I found the real buyers?


You have completed a previous delivery day (03) on a previous order
So be patient.
You will be ordered.
Therefore, it is necessary to promote again and again.


i have been here since november but i active on fiverr about 3 days ago and i have one review


I wish you the best of luck. You’ll need it.


Thanks bro. Best of luck


promote your gig social media with carefully