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How Do I get Money Back from Fees returned to my Buyer Account after having been let down by Seller?

Can someone tell me how to contact the staff at Fiverr?
I ordered a gig some time ago, and paid $500 plus a total of $25 in Fiverr’s own fees. The consultant failed to deliver and $500 is sitting in my account. How do I draw it out? The site only gives me the option of drawing fees earned by me as a seller. So far I have paid $525 to Fiverr, received no services and I would like $500 back I look forward to hearing from Fiverr because I don’t see any option to contact them on the webste, the “Buyer Help Centre” asks me a lot of questions with multiple choice answers but nowhere does it seem to let me say what I want.

As far I know Fiverr adds the amount to your account and you can only use that amount to buy a service on FIverr. You can’t withdraw the amount.

You can email

I found this in the ToS if it’s any help?
Deposit refunds, when available from the payment provider, can be performed by our Customer Support team. To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the total amount of times users can request a payment provider refund from their account which is subject to review by our Customer Support team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee. If any service fees were added at the time of purchase to create a new order, the service fees from that payment will not be refunded along with your deposit.


Thanks but I saw that too. Nowhere can I find out how I can communicate with the Customer Support Team in a way that isnt limited by fixed multiple choice answers. Any help greatefully received.

. . . but yes I will try emailing them, I didnt know that email address and wll try it.

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Not even worth depositing back the money into your account unless it’s a very large sum lol

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A big thank you. I emailed Customer Support and they have already repaid me immedaietly and in full, not only the $500 i was execting but also the $25 I had paid them in fees. Big appreciation to Fiverr and thanks again to you for giving me the email address.

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Glad it helps - I’m happy you got it back. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m glad to say that Fiverr exceeded my expectations.

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