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How do I get more exposure for my gigs on fiverr?

Hi, my name is Ben, and I am new to fiverr. Yesterday, I created 3gigs. One is write 500word seo article, the second one is review kindle unlimited book, the third one is promote kindle unlimited book. After I publish the gig, I can’t even find the gig myself, using the tags i put into the gig. Today, I check how many views my gig has, it has ZERO!!

I would appreciate if anyone can give me some advice on what to do to get some exposure for my gigs here in fiverr.




I am having the same problem! Its been more than 3o days but still no page views.

What should i do to get my GiGs in the search result?

Hi Ben,

Welcome to Fiverr!

The Fiverr search algorithm fluctuates daily and it may take a little while for your gig to start showing up in the search parameters.

I suggest taking a look at other top selling gigs in the same category as yours to get ideas on improving your current gigs. For instance, there are many sellers on Fiverr offering verified Amazon reviews, and you may want to get ideas on how you can do the same thing. Also, try promoting your gig through social media and networking as much as possible. Get your gig out there and people will respond.

All the best of luck in the future Ben - no doubt you can succeed.

Reply to @jonnysmith459: I suggest adding more tags to your gigs, this will increase the likelihood of your gig showing up in searches. If you have kept the same gig content for over 30 days and have no page views, I encourage you to rewrite your gig description, offer alternative services, and create new gigs for your many other talents! You can definitely do it.

All you need it to have a very good portfolio, just leave to you potential buyer to search there need, if the buyers noticed you have a great portfolio, order or more orders to come.

Thanks for commenting. Yeah, after i get a good portfolio, things will be easier, especially to get to level 1 or 2. The thing is about getting started. It will be much easier if we can rank high for a keyword on fiverr(SEO)… but i don’t know to that…

czech, as far as social media, I will go on facebook and twitter to see if there are any specific groups that are solely for promoting fiverr gigs. Thanks for mentioning it.!