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How do I get more impressions and orders? Basically, Don't increase my gig impressions

How do I get more impressions and orders from my gig? Basically, I don’t get orders and don’t increase impressions. So I’m very disappointed.


Check how high you are ranking in the searches. Also check there is a demand for the work you are doing. I have about 600 impressions on my gig and 5 star rating yet I only get an order about once a month. Also if you are not getting very high clicks then check that the image the buyer sees when scrolling past leaves a good impression.


Oh yeah I found that doing some of the language test make you rank higher for some reason. I had no impressions and then I did the English test (and passed) and that then gave me about +10 impressions a day


@shadow513 Already mention all tips. I just include one thing that tries Fiverr anywhere.:slightly_smiling_face: