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How do I get more order


Hello been having problem with my gig. Don’t get order. Try using buyer request and got two orders last year but didn’t get a review. So I decided by restarting afresh thinking if the problem is from my gig description. Please checkout my gig
Need a solution on it. Thanks



There is many tips which were already discussed many times in this forum about to increase the impression and views of your Gig and how to boost your sale from it you can search and find out those will be help full to you.

About You Gig, What i suggest is ghe Gig description, Gig packages are seems to be okay but you should improve your gig gallery to have more impression… your first Gig image should be more attractive than this and it should be reflect 100% illustrated effects … As on first glance its reflecting as some thing converted from the original image.

Also if you can place both the images as original and the illustrated one then customers can judge your ability.

Also you can upload another 2 PDF formats … take the maximum use of it


Hello thanks for the tip. In accordance in putting the pic and the illustrated one. There is a particular pic in which I put that shows the real pic and the illustrated one. Thanks


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