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How do I get more orders now that I have gotten one?


Hello everyone, I’m a new seller here, and have been here 3 weeks. I got my first order three days ago and thought that I would get more orders now, but I haven’t. What more can I do to get orders?
What do you suggest? Feel free to check out my gigs and give me any suggestions.
Thank you!


Are you reaching out to your target customer, and encouraging them to hire you? Are you running any ads or promotional campaigns where your target customers will see them? Are you sending customized, targeted responses to buyers in the Buyer Requests section of Fiverr? Are your gigs eye-catching? Are you offering services that people need?

You asked, “what more can I do to get orders?”. I just gave you five ideas. Good luck!


nice recommendations ,thank you


Hello…Be online 6-8 hours.Send all 10 buyer request daily .promote your gigs on all social media.Facebook groups,linkden,twiiter ,blogs .You will get orders .


Thank you so much for helping me out.
Can you please tell me more about the buyer requests section? I dont think i get 10 new requests everyday, i only get one.


Great ideas… I hope it I’ll work for me also…
Thank you jonbass.


You’re welcome.

Every seller can only respond to ten buyer requests every day, but not everyone will have ten great requests to respond to. This is normal. The BR section is a bonus for connecting with some possible new buyers, but it is not a guarantee of more sales. You do still have to compete with other sellers, and the best seller, with the best response will likely win the job.

Respond to the BRs that you can, but don’t depend upon them to be your only source of sales.


Thanks jonbass for giving us more important information.