How do I get more orders?


So, I’m not sure if this is much of a rant, but perhaps the talented and patient people on Fiverr can relate to where I’m coming from.

When I first posted my gig, it was well received and somewhat “popular.” I was averaging about an order per day; which I thought was pretty good considering the subject of the gig–cartoon chickens.

Then the popularity slowly faded off in to history and I haven’t had an order for weeks in spite of my attempts to publicize it. What can I do to increase the sales of my gig? It’s a silly and I admit, kind of stupid idea for cartooning, but at the same time, I think it’s fun to do.

Should I lower the required gig amount? Should I change the wording in the posts? What can I do Fiverr’ers?

Thank you!

Corey Rust


I changed the description of the gig, should I change the title?