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How do I get more ordersSssssss

Hi fiverr sellers, am so tired, I need more orders pn fiverr. But not getting any. Kindly help out guy. Am into email marketing

What kind of help are you looking for?

Make sure your gigs show all the information a buyer might need to make a decision. Think about the keywords you want to be found for. Have quality videos on all your gigs. promote on social media. There are so many ideas. Keep working at it. The results will come.

What does email marketing mean? I think it means being able to market something electronically or emailiotically. You have two gigs (provide target email list for a specific niche and sending bulk email) Why don’t you use this two methods to boost your sales… Get target emails for your niche, design an email template then bulk send the email to your email list… If you are not able to do the above consider choosing different gigs to offer.


thanks, I would really do that

Really appreciate your response