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How do I get more views in the forum?


I recently started writing on this forum in the hope of being able to do some promotions for my gigs.

However I realized that the participation and the response from users to my posts is little, if not minimal

so how could I increase the amount of views and users that interact with my posts?


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The only place to post your gigs is ‘My Fiverr Gigs’.

I can safely say that few of us posting on here are aiming for views, participation etc. - if I make somebody smile just once in a while, my job is done. :slightly_smiling_face:

So please, feel free to participate, but expecting anything back in return, apart from a warm, fuzzy feeling might be a bit much! :sunny:


Most regular posters are not promoting their gigs here - instead we are sellers who are sharing our experience and expertise. Generally, the more useful a post becomes, the more it is commented on, liked, and viewed. Many of us have several categories turned off on the forums, like “My Fiverr Gig” or “Improve My Gig.”

In other words, promoting your gigs in the forums is not a great way to get visibility. My posts have had a large amount of visibility on the forums (although I have never posted my gigs here) but other regular forum users certainly know how to find me. Despite that, to my knowledge, I have never received an order from someone on the forums.

There are much better ways to promote your gigs, through social media and other methods. I recommend following those options rather than posting on the forums if you want to promote yourself.


Be useful, wise, funny or stupid.
That’s what people want to see so it will get you views.

Won’t get you sales though.