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How do I get my bad rating removed

A buyer just bought my item, left bad feedback then close the account like they were just trying to sabotage my successful gig.I call them jealous mean people.I have contacted support all they tell me is get the buyer to remove it.How can i if they closed the account?


Just checked your gigs and I dont see any negative feedback. In these cases its best to explain the situation fully to customer support and they maybe able help



ozzieuk said: Just checked your gigs and I dont see any negative feedback.

Look again. See attached

The person shows as both 100% and 67%. There is a gig with 50% raiting, it doesn't show the negative feedback yet. Sometimes feedback can take up to 2 days to show, did you know that? It's rare but can happen.

I don’t know how to resize the image, any tips?

I just noticed it now at 67% earlier when I had a look it said 100%, The interwebs must have been having a caching issue, to re size the images I guess you could you something like shrink pictures (Just google).

I never knew the feedback could take a while to register, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that, cheers for the heads up :slight_smile:

A sellers support team should also be organised because there are bad people here on fiverr

I just looked at the first gig about a tax refund, lol good luck with that as we are all about to fall off the cliff, nothing is going to be fast in 2013 when it comes to taxes

oldbittygrandma said: Too often I see sellers get all emotional.

HaHAHAHA This is like when people say "it's nothing personal..."....My response is "If it is directed at me, then it's personal!"

Wow. It might’ve been a competitor. Why would someone go to the trouble of opening then closing an account? Usually they’ll open an account, buy something, and never log back in, but to actually close…yeah something is up. I think your suspicion is very much valid. I’m sorry that happened.

By the way, I noticed you collected two of my gigs. Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:


hello i was deliver an order from last 5days and client assign 3 star rating but i have contact to the buyer and resolve her issue and now she is ready to give me the five-star rating but she cant do this after 2days she have also send me the screenshort that he have send the request to fiverr to but fiverr not reply till now so how can i do for this ? let me know if anyone have an idea ?

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Reply to @artofdesign:

This thread is over 18 months old OLD. It would be better for you to create a new thread in the Fiver FAQs section of the Forum.

The best thing to do is cancel the gig & let the customer get back their money. The negative review will be removed.

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Need help
one of the buyer order me to re-size the images and i did it according to his suggestion at the end he left with only 1 star rating and bad comment due to which my overall ratings drops to 87% and now i can’t sent offer to the buyer,therefore what i should to hire buyers.?

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