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How do I get my first order


Hellow guys, I’m new here. my new gig is running. but i have no sales yet. :frowning: help me

Thank you,



I’m a translator myself (English to Hungarian), so I could recommend you for my buyers, if you want :slight_smile:




first few days i was thinking that can i get the proper value of my gig.

Can i get my first order.

you don’t belive it.

i am just going to remove my gig and go away.

but some one suggest me go and follow the fiver gig rules for increase your sell.

now for few days

i am a level one saller


Don’t warry bro fiverr allways give a chance for newcomers.

want to know more anything inbox me.


Hi. I am new to Fiverr, as well. Like you, I do not have any sales, yet. I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have shared on Facebook and Twitter. I used keywords. I researched what the top sellers in my category were offering and am offering more work than they are for $5.00. I printed out some flyers and distributed them in my town, as well.


Reply to @arnevb: Could you give me some tips?



Guys promote your gig to social media especially facebook, i am getting most of my orders from facebook…So carefully use that method…join more business and mlm groups having more members and post your gig regularly…provide specific description and a high quality picture or gig promo video for your gig…


@dilushan make sure to add a video to go with your gig, this will help you stand out from everyone else. And add more gigs, fill your pipeline. Hope this helps.


Try adding gigs from different categories. Add video to every gig. Use the ‘description’ section very effectively and finally, use proper tags. Tags play an important role when buyers search for a service.


you just need to give it time. you can also start making social media pages for yourself promoting your gigs and also be part of the community here on fiverr.


Reply to @hunorbi:

is it possible to recommend me too?


It is best if you separate your Gigs (I will transalte to and from German, to and from Italian etc.). It will give your Gigs more coverage while staying true to the Fiverr rules.


Hmm. Lot’s of Google Translate going on here I think :slight_smile:


Dear @arnevb i know that you find the same .but its a real value of agood worker.and work done with full of confidence.

did simple work but full proffessional .


Reply to @adetorrent: ~lol~ I was thinking exactly the same thing!