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How do i get my first order..?

Hey i am a new seller on fiverr, i am a logo designer i have created this gig about 2 months ago, and it is ranking on 1st page and some times on 2nd page, but still i am not getting even a single order, please check it and tell me how can i get my first order!:disappointed:



It is pretty simple to get your first order.
Just send offers to buyer request and boom you would land your first job.

Best of luck.


How can i send a buyer request been thinking of that too

like you GIG. Just stick to what i said earlier and you are good to go.

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click “More” on your header then “Buyer request”

Best of luck.

Thanks for your tip😘

To get your first order as a new seller, you must make the buyer request section your best domain.

Everyday, you have 10 slots with which to apply for jobs, always make sure you exhaust all 10 every day.

Again, even when a job is not really related to what you offer, you should still go ahead and apply for it if you think it’s something you can try to do.

When applying for such jobs, write a very attractive and appealing description to convince the poster that you are the best candidate for the job.

Try as much as possible to be among the first 5 people to apply, if in case you miss out of the first 5, don’t worry still apply.
Thank you😇

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I have gone to more then buyer request but there is nothing to add there.

It may be that the are no buyers request for your GIG category.
just visite that place often to check.

you’re welcome.

best regards.

10 requests sent dayli.

Send buyer requests everyday.You will get a good response from there

But how will they order me instead of 200 other people??

Try to create eye catchy image and send buyer request as much as you can