How do I get my first orders?


Hey guys,
I am new here on Fiverr and just set up my account. I wonder how to get my first order and how I should market my gig in the most efficient way.

Feedback on my gig and profile set up is much appreciated and please be honest with your feedback, I can take it. :smile:

Check out my gig:


Your profile description using the word “hobby” and “trying your luck” does not come across as very competent or professional. Suggest you have a look at other profiles to see how this is completed in a professional manner but do not copy anyone.


Try buyer request and as other person suggested remove trying my luck


Thanks for your feedback, I removed the mentioned parts.


I am not an expert so i won’t suggest any thing. but you can start new thread about your personal description, i checked your gig description as well, from my perspective that look fine short and to the point.
but personal description is not where it should be ask people for suggestion.