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How do i get my first sale as i am a new seller?

Hi there,
How do I get my first sale in 2020 as I am new seller on Fiverr and want to provide quality work as a logo designer or as a Graphic designer?
Or suggest me few things here to improve my self:

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Your gigs is not optimized for 1 service. This way…, you can’t maximize your tag.
The basic, and medium is for vectorize logo…,
and the premium is for new logo design…
This is a bad move.

And you only have 1 thumbnail?
If you are serious seller…, you should try your best to provide with best portfolios as you can.
NOT just one.

Your gig description is bad…, sounds that you yourself got confused with your own gigs.
If you want to offer vectorize logo…, then focus on it…
and make other gigs for the logo.
Don’t combine it…

You may find these articles useful:


Stay active on Fiverr. Share your gigs and send buyer request as much as you can. If you folloe these 3 steps then you may get your first success quickly.

Best of luck