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How do I get my first sale?

Hi, actually I am new to Fiverr, and though I have been waiting for more than 3 months, I still haven’t got my first sale. Is it necessary for me to advertise my work (I write poems) in order to publicize my work? Or is it necessary to update my profile? Because I recently did update my profile. Hoping for a reply soon.

Ravi Ramesh

Hi, Ravi Ramesh,

It is essential that you make your gig stand out from the rest in the category. Use attractive gig photos that illustrate what you are doing. Add a nice introduction video. Create a catchy and short gig name and write a compact but informative gig description. Also, your pricing shouldn’t be too spicy (have a look at competing gigs). Do this and the orders should start rolling in.

All of the above can be purchased here on Fiverr.

I hope my answer is of use.


Hey, Raviramesh10.

I’d suggest that you would work on your profile page so people will get to know you more, another thing you could do is try tweaking around with your gig title, and tags. Then, try getting an attractive gig image to catch peoples attentions.

I hope that helps your questions.

Other than what they said above, have you tried searching for your own gig?

I figured out that your gig wont be visible in typical search if you havent sold at least one. The typical search only searches in “Avg. customer review” and for being on that list you’d need to get good rating from at least one buyer :slight_smile: If that is the case i could recommend having a friend buying the first gig or something. That is except if someone finds your gig and buys it within the time you wanna wait :b

If you havent sold any, you should still be able to find it if you search and change the filter to “Relevance”.

Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:

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