How do I get my gig featured?


Hi guys, I am new, activated about 12 days ago. Have done 5 gigs. How do I get my gig featured?


Featured gigs are hand picked by Fiverr’s Admin. You can e-mail them at Customer Support and request to be featured but from what I hear they can be rather picky.

May I suggest, to help you out-

Use different images in all of your gigs- not the same one in every gig.

Make a video! Fiverr’s admin LOVES videos (Not even joking.) I swear, they featured me the same day I uploaded a video


8-> Only Unique and creative Idea can be featured dear


Reply to @mrspanda:


Thanks so much for the input. Greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:


Im also curious to get a featured gigs. However, seem like only Level 2 and TRS only have this advantage. Seem like I got another 3++ month to go… ;-|