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How do I get my Gig/Job approved? I am a buyer

I posted a gig that I would like help with, but it appears to be “unapproved” . It’s for a flyer…seems like it should be approved by now. Can you please help?

There’s not anything we can do on the forum for you. You just have to hang in there and wait for approval. On a brighter note as you increase in level the approvals and customer support times come faster!

I dont understand? I’m placed a gig that I would like someone to work on, and Ive waited 3 weeks for approval, and it is STILL unapproved!!! What is the point of this site, if things take so long to get approved? It’s supposed to be a 2 way exchange, no?

Can someone please advise how to get a project/gig approved? It’s for a simple marketing flyer. Lots of talent here, would love to work with somoene!

Hi Irene, so sorry you’re having problems. I’d be happy to help you create a marketing flyer and can get it done in 1-2 days. Please message me with your info.




Sorry to hear about your frustration.

You “posted a gig”. What does that mean? Do you want to have someone make a flyer for you, or do you want to make flyers for others?

The point of this site is a users forum and no one here can attend to your issue, especially which such vague description of exactly what your issue is.

The best we can do is empathize and point you in the right direction.

Please contact Fiverr support.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Bless you! :slight_smile:

Same issue here - I put in a request to buy and it is STILL sitting in ‘pending’. I’m thinking ‘REALLY???!!’ I wanted it back within 24 hours but its been sitting in pending over that long! Sheesh!