How do I get my gig on the first page?


Hello everybody, i am new at fiverr. i have creat 4 gig. but i don’t know How do I get my gig on the first page? please anybody help me.


I just answered this in another thread, but if we all knew we’d be on the first page. Also, why would anyone tell you if they knew the secret to success?


yes, you are right. Secret tips are not share anyone .


I was kidding. No one actually knows.

Or maybe someone does, and they’re not letting it on. I seriously doubt it though. It’s probably some dull answer like hard work and good deliveries…and who has the time for that?


yes. may be its very hard work . If someone had shared it would have been better.


I took a very quick look at your gigs, and I’d say keep it consistent between I/me and we/us. Make it clear if you’re a team or an individual. As you’re trying to make that first sale, improving your gigs is very important, so keep at that.


ok . thanks for your tips. its very helpful for me


i think he should focus on sending buyer request and promoting his gig on social networking site being new seller


Thanks for responding to me, but I’m not really asking for tips.

I’ve never actually tried promoting my gigs on social networking sites, so I can’t comment on how useful that is. I’m doing okay without that, but perhaps it will help?


I think you would be more successful if stopped looking for the easy way, and started doing the work to market and promote your gigs to the people that need your services. From what I have seen of your comments on the forum so far, I’m pretty sure that the buyers you are trying to find are NOT connected to you on social media, and you aren’t likely to find long-term success from the BR section.


it’s proven and honestly i noticed one thing people are not supportive to share some tricks for getting work for new seller


Nah, people are supportive, as long as you don’t comment on your own thread asking for help seeming like an expert. Also, “market your gig” is very vague advice.


Is this a commentary on my advice? :thinking:


actually i just replied what i learned nothing serious


Well, there’s a difference between “market your gig and you will find success” and “be proactive and find your own way to market your gigs” :wink:


Okay, whatever you say…


Nor have you given any serious or valuable advice to anyone else either.


i just said regarding getting the impression not order .i hope it clear to you now


Yes. Your behavior is clear to me now.


Fiverr isn’t PlayStation! You can’t just sign up and expect to be given the cheat codes for appearing on the first page.

You get to where you want to be working hard. On what, you ask? On the following:

  • Discovering your USP
  • Presenting it effectively
  • Building customer trust
  • Marketing yourself