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How do I get my GIG rank back?


My GIG was on the first page But the Gig is on the last page for the last two month, it’s ok! no problem !

my question is:
***How do I get back again in rank?
***And how long it will take to get to the first page.

I hope I get the expected answer from everyone. Thanks


1at: rework on your keywords.
2nd: Check the image is atractive…?
3rd: keep promoting your gig on social media. ( Twitter , Linkdi, Instagra, etc.)
4th: Send buyer request through the gig which one you are trying to getback your rank.
5th: also edit the gig after 3 daya untill its comes on 2nd page.
6th: after one month if you dont get any result then delete the gig & create new one. But if you lots of review on this gig keep trying to 1-5 tips.

Best of luck

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Tips For You
Active 24/7
Daily Send Buyer Request
Share Your Gig On Social media & quora
Good Communication on buyer
Update Your Skill
Make portfolio
Branding Your Name On Google Search Result
Active On Fiverr Forum
Make beautiful gig

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Thank you so much for spend your valuable time to give me tips !

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1st. You can rework your gig title and description.You must be import lot’s of keyword. Because keyword must be essiontial part for a gig. You also inport attractive gig image.
Becauseattractive gig image are very important for gig impression.

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