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How do I get my money back from fiverr

I placed an order through fiverr and I cancelled the order. I have been refunded the money into my fiverr account, but I want it back into my bank account. How do I do this?

Hi flutterbybeauty

unfortunately this is not possible. If you read the Terms of Services when you joined Fiverr, that is so. But… fortunately there are lots of amazing gigs to buy on Fiverr! I suggest that you take a look and find awesome things/ services to buy with the money that is in your balance after the cancellation :slight_smile:


P.S. I have had the same issue when a buyer cancelled my 45$ order and I know exactly how it feels. But, I got over it :slight_smile:

flutterbybeauty said: How do I do this?
As per Fiverr ToS, you can't. But it also says that you can contact CS and they might make an exception under some circumstances.