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How do I get my money back? It's all very confusing

So how do I get my money back? The seller asked me for $40 so I expect a top job. The result was rubbish and not following the brief at all. How do I get my money back? Surely if the customer does not get what he wants, there is some protection of his payment that does not involve the vendor vetoing the demand?

According to Fiverr’s rules:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.”

  • (Fiverr TOS, Disputes and Cancellations)

If the delivery was, indeed, not in line with the gig description, then you can request a mutual cancellation. The seller must agree in order for that refund to be processed. You are not entitled to a refund merely because you did not like the quality of the delivery. This is why it is imperative that you do your research ahead of time, and purchase from a reputable seller that you can trust to complete your order according to your required needs.

I paid for 4 images, and did not get one. I think I am entitled to a refund.

You could just start a mutual cancellation agreement, if the seller has no feedback on that and does nothing about it, it will complete by itself within few days. If he rejects and insists on rejecting it you could open a customer support ticket using the “help” / Submit ticket features.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for replies so far.

Wait, first you said that the result was rubbish, then that you paid for 4 images and received none. Which one is it? Bad work, or nothing sent at all?

You click “resolution center.” If that doesn’t work, you contact customer service. What happened? You waited too long to check on your order? You don’t pay attention to your e-mail?

What I meant was that I received an original attempt and some modifications, but none of them subsequent changes included the things I was asking for. They were all very poor and ignored my brief.

In other words, I paid for one image that I wanted right, and foolishly paid up front for 3 modifications (added text). The original image was never done according to my brief.

If the buyer refuses to mutually cancel, send a message to fiverr admin and explain the situation. Although fiverr admin’s attitude toward forced refunds has changed. If you do get your funds back, it’s a fiverr credit to your account in which you can only spend on fiverr.

It’s best to ask questions and review samples of what the seller can provide. You need to be careful buying on fiverr as there is a lot of …junk.

Reply to @inetmillionaire:
You noted in your original post that “the result was rubbish”, not that you didn’t receive any work. Receiving work that you don’t like (as your post indicated) is a completely different thing than not receiving any delivery.

That said, I think you need to clarify: was work delivered (that you didn’t like), or did your seller disappear without delivering anything to complete the order?