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How do I get my money back?

I cancelled a few orders between some sellers, and someone I previously purchased from cancelled the order after I payed… so in the top right corner beside my account it shows a balance of $30… how do I get this money back onto my credit card? I used PayPal… any insight ?

Yes, I contracted a person on Fiverr to do a job for me, paid her and then she backed out on me. I would like to get my money back and report the person who did not do the job we agreed on. How can I do that? Thank-you!


You don’t get it back to your credit card. You get it back to your Fiverr account to spend.

Wow, so the $30 I’ve spent can’t be returned, even if someone sells me a product that didn’t work properly? Infact the seller was being kind by cancelling because he knew he had made a mistake. Thats pretty ridiculous if you can’t get your money back from the escrow system?


That is correct. The funds are in your Fiverr account for you to use for future Fiverr purchases.

Here’s the Fiverr Terms of Services Link…

I have paid and didnt get the service I paid for instead it is marked as completed?

and I made another payement I want to cancell it how can I get my money back?

same problem
and i want to order a new service. Is the credit amount will be substracted from the new one. because when i want to pay, it just indicate the new amount without substracting