How Do I Get My Rating Back Up To 99%


I am not sure if this question has been covered elsewhere, a search didn’t turn anything out for me. Thing is my rating is currently at 93% due to inability to service my customers when my wife was 9 months pregnant and I had to step back a little bit. Now I would like to get back to offering the great service I was offering before, but this gets difficult because my gig is not appearing high in search result anymore. If anyone has been able to restore their rating after a lapse and have tips to share that would be brilliant.

Thanks and I look forward to reading all your responses.


The only way is to get more positive reviews so that they dominate the negative ones.

Try to avoid bad buyers that you feel will not work well for you. They end up leaving a negative and it can take weeks or months to level that.

And also to get back on track, you might need to revise your gig tags, description. Because fiverr made some changes to categories.

Also try to keep your response time short.


Why would you want to get back your 99% and not 100%? Don’t limit yourself because that’s what you will get!

93% is a bit steep but not impossible to recover from. Your best bet is to become active again and offer the best service possible and make sure that you over deliver and ask for the 5 star review, offer a gift of value to encourage your buyer to do that, a discount or special treatment when they order again, and good luck! :bz


Reply to @magellon: He is saying that currently his rating is 93% and he wants it to become 99%.


Thank you both @kay2809 and @magellon for your responses. I revise that to 100% :smiley: I had left the 1% for those buyers who will never be satisfied whatever you do. Yes I have started revising my gigs and will definitely think of ways to add more value than what the customer is paying for, I have a few ideas in mind already.


Reply to @kay2809: I think that I’ve understood that, and my question was why not want to attain a 100% positive rating instead of 99%?