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How do I get my response time back to normal within 24hrs?

Hello Fiverr community :wave:

Please, I want to find out how I can get my response time back to "repond within 24hrs… I was away and got some messages which I wasn’t able to respond to and it affected my response time. I need suggestions on what to do please.


it will be ok after evaluation from fiverr i think

You may want to read to get correct answer.

After Evaluation It Will Be Back

please stop spreading false information.

Response rate can go up only if you receive more messages and you will reply in time.
Or this late messages wouldn’t be taken into account after 60 days.


You are looking for a quick fix when there isn’t one.

You simply need to ensure that you respond to messages as soon as you can (without getting obsessive about it).

Please ignore the messages that say it will be okay after evaluation. Nonsense.

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It is best not to reply if you don’t know the answer.

Not looking for a quick fix, just wanted to know what I can do about it… Thanks for the information

Thanks for this… Quick response to messages will fix it

sorry for my mistake

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We have learnt and gotten knowledge of how it works