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How do i get my very first sell?


I want to ask on how you guys got your first sell and how long it took for it to finally to happen?
I have had my gig on for about a day and no offers so far, I am looking to write some detail-filled and fully researched articles so I basically just want to know on how I can get that very sell or even some offers?



There are so many discussions on this forum on how to get order and improvement. Please read some posts and research first.

Thanks, I already researched and checked out some posts, I was just wondering what’s the actual best way to get noticed out there?

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If all the many, many people who asked beforehand weren’t able to get that information out of forum members, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to either :confused:

I do have an actual suggestion though: Your gig title doesn’t seem to make sense at the moment, probably because of the “I will” format thing. Consider changing it?

Also remove this line from your FAQ

and yes I do lack experience but that is the main reason why I am on here.

It’s true, but that’s not a good thing to tell clients.

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I don’t know how you can get your first sell, but I know that with patience, and hard-work you can make your first sale, if that’s what you meant.

Also, do you think that you can offer writing services? I would recommend you to work a bit on improving your grammar and style before you actually start offering your writing service.



Thanks for the feedback, I firmly believe I can offer very decent writing services. There’s still some work to be on my style but my grammar is very good and I fully believe in my style.

The grammar in your gig description isn’t really awe-inspiring. Consider editing that?

I will look into changing it, thanks.