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How do I get non qualified people to not reply to requests

I clearly write in my request “Do not reply if you do not have these skills: xxxx” and still, I get tons of people posting generic offers for things I don’t need. I don’t get it. I have 2 books that needs formatting for KDP and I write “You must know english rules for formatting titles and headlines” and I get 20 people who want to do my cover. Are there no rules from Fiverr about this? Wasting people’s time is so frustrating. And I get it - I came here voluntarily, but still - Fiverr needs to have some rules for applying maybe? :slight_smile:


Here’s an idea about what might be the problem…

What category/subcategory do you choose when you submit your request? eBook formatting is in Programming&Tech>Convert Files. If you’re putting your request in the book design category, for example, only those with gigs in that category will be able to see your request (and they’re the ones who will respond to it).

Alternatively, have you tried searching for sellers directly?


Mostly unqualified people respond to BRs because they’re desperate for work and aren’t getting orders.

You can’t really avoid what you describe as these sellers don’t like to read and like to apply to things they aren’t qualified for. They won’t stop just because you asked them to.

And most BRs are very underpaid, so qualified, ethical sellers tend to not even look at them.

But “Do not reply…” isn’t inviting to skilled people, who want a challenge and respect. It is incorrect to think that being terse like this will repel bad ones or attract good ones.