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How do i get oders



I’m new gig is running since 04 month but i got only one sale. since three month i have no sale. i don’t know what’s the matter


my gig is here.

  1. Your graphics aren’t appealing. Bad pixels, text (3 colors + various sizes)
  2. Your header is bad. “I will promote your link worldwide with one million”. One million forum profiles, one million facebook posts, one million horny cows, i have no idea (and that’s the first thing buyers see).
  3. Your message isn’t clear enough. Hire a guy on Fiverr and get your text done right. My English sucks, so i hire an writer, every single time.

    Like this: "I am trying to Announce your message with my experiences and my knowledge. former"

    What? I have no idea what your selling!

    Get a writer, get him to write you a GREAT headline and a GREAT message.


The link above contains some very useful info. It’s well worth looking at.

Also, try to shorten some of your gig titles. They cut off, meaning people browsing through Fiverr won’t see the full description.




Reply to @madmoo: I find that hanging out in barns helps, too~