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How do I get on a call with my client?

My lowest tier of my gig requires us to be in contact, yet the rules say contact outside of Fiverr is forbidden. Is there anyway to use Discord, or some other screen share/call service?

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There is no way you will be allowed to chat to your client in that way. Fiverr doesn’t allow it. You must communicate only on Fiverr. Why do you need to communication outside Fiverr?

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if your buyer has this option. However, you can call your buyer using zoom.

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Yes, once an order is open you can use ZOOM to speak directly to your client. As in the above example.

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Isn’t only top buyers can call ?

VIDs and Fiverr Business.

For me it’s only VID and business buyers that can video chat… Top buyers still can’t.


You are right. Only VIDs and Fiverr Business. :white_check_mark:

I thought everyone got this service. I am a seller and have always had this feature. Does it only affect buyers?

This option is available only if you are messaging VIDs or Fiverr Business clients in your inbox. For Top Buyers isn’t available. I double checked.

Okay, interesting! I never knew that.

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