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How do i get orders? I am new on fiverr

I have been on fiverr for almost a month now and i have no orders yet. i have got a couple messages enquiring about my gigs but when i reply i dont hear from them anymore, i am just curious if real peopel are enquiring about my gigs or are they bots to keep me logging back to fiverr atleast once everyday


Are you doing any marketing or promotion targeted at your desired customers?

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How would a Fiverr do that? Other than through your social media?

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Well, first of all, you need to understand who your target customers are. Then you need to do some research to determine where those target customers can be found. Once you know these things, you’ll know where to market and promote your gigs, and the next step is to find some creative ways to reach out to those target customers, and tell them about what you do.

Marketing is different for every business, every service, and every gig. Only you can determine who your target customers are, and then your creativity will determine how you reach out to those customers, wherever they are located. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the HOW of marketing. That depends entirely upon who your target customers are, what service it is that you are promoting, and how creative you can be in reaching those customers.


To get your first order, involve the following that i used. No 1. Overdeliver e.g if others gig 1 banner for $5, you gig .2. Have a good intro video of your gig. 3. Go to buyer request and assure those buyers that you will deliver quality . 4. Testing-change the title, description , gig images and even videos after some time. With this you will get an order