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How do i get orders on fiverr augustus 2018


so this is the gig
designing a logo for edm artist, but i have no idea where to find clients :-/
help me please


Buyer requests can be a good place to start and get your first clients. I would go through and check your profile and gig, correcting spelling and grammar. Since you say you have a Youtube channel, maybe you could add an intro or animation of your logo with some of your music playing.

Also, the forum has lots of resources for getting your first sales. Check them out!

Good luck!


where can i find buyer request ? and
how do you mean the forum, where do i begin ?


You should go to Buyers request and from there are chances of getting orders!!
Good Luck!!


hey thanks a lot, i found the buyer request thing but there are no request, :-/ how do i get them ?


It depend upon the category and impressions. Just wait for a day you will get them


its also depend time or your tags.some time buyer request appeared or some time not


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so i made these 2 gigs for things i do as profession
logo design
and music production,

how can i start selling these things ? i havent got any clients yet