How do I get paid for a completed work?


Hi guys, I got my first order 5 days ago and with respect to the agreement between I and the buyer I delivered the work yesterday about 6 hours before the due time. But still, my available funds is still $0 and I do not know what to do next. Please, I need tips on how to go about getting paid.


Fiver CLEARS your payment after 14 days.

-> On you ID
-> Selling
-> Revenues

The clearance date will be mentioned there per sale.


I just clicked on revenues in the mobile app and what I found there is only a reference to the order, nothing about payment clearance.


I cannot clarify for the app, as I do not use it.
But if you use the actual website, you will see the date of clearance on the left hand side as shown above.


Has the order been marked as complete? It gets marked as complete either when the buyer accepts it and leaves a review, or, if the buyer does nothing for 3 days, it gets auto-completed.

Your funds become available 14 days after the order was marked as complete.


Thank you, I have logged in on the website and noticed that it will be
completed after 3 days.


Thank you, I have seen it.


Hello guys, it has been over three days and the order has still not been marked as completed and I’m very worried.


Wait an additional day. If it doesn’t clear contact customer support at

Just to clarify it’s 3 days from the day you delivered :wink:


When you have a chance before you complete your next order, read up on important information like that from the “Sellers Guide” and “Trust & Safety” section to aid in you here on Fiverr. Knowledge is power! :slight_smile:


Yea, I delivered on Saturday, It’s Wednesday already.


Well, the buyer just marked my the order as completed.
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the tips.