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How do I get paid for the copyright

I have a buyer who ask me to make a caricature for him. I did the artwork, met his specifications and delivered on time. He said that he will use it for his website. So I told him that on my art gig, I state very clearly that I still retain full copyright of any work I created, an extra $100 you will have the exclusive right to use the drawing commercially, but If it is to be published, I will need to be credited. After few discussions the buyer and I agreed that he can use it on his website given that he will cover for the exclusive right of use of the caricature I declared on my description. But I am new in fiverr and don’t have the advanced sales tools and features that the top sellers have.

My question is How does the buyer be able to pay for the exclusive right? Is there a way which I am not familiar with for the buyer to pay me?

Thank you in advance.

The only option I could think of is to make him buy your gig repeatedly until it full fill the total money. Then keep delivering him the same picture. But if it’s 100$, it’s not an easy task since he’ll have to order, like 200 times…

The buyer will simply have to order 20 separate $5 gigs. Once you deliver them, either with a message or by uploading a file, that will total the $100 needed for rights of use.

I see there is no other way to do it but what you suggest. Thank you guys, you been a big help.

You are a great artist. If your buyer buys 20 gigs you will only get $80, not $100. For $100 the buyer would need to buy 25 gigs. Tell them to give you 25 positive feedbacks also, one for each gig! :smiley:

this is a pretty big confusion the copyright issues

of course the guy who is running a self-publishing blog did not expect to pay $100 for a single image, even if he is hoping to sell a little staff on net

the fiverr may ended up with no any buyers one day

or you have to be less greedy and low down your copy rights art’s cost

Reply to @totatjana:

I wasn’t being greedy here. It is clearly stated on my gig description. And I think it’s the buyer’s obligation to know all about what he is going to purchase. He is the one who told me he is willing to pay for it.The buyer and I agreed on the sale. Maybe he knows the value of copyrighted works. We just doesn’t know how to get it done.

Anyway, I think being on fiverr doesn’t change the playing field of copyright issue. Just my two cents.

Thanks for the insight.