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How do i get paid? i finally did my first gig

I finally completed my first gig! so exciting. but I didn’t end up getting the money? where does the money go and how do I receive it?


If you deliver the service ordered, it will be marked as complete in 3 days if the buyer doesn’t ask for any changes. The order can also be marked as complete if the buyer rates it. Once marked as complete it will take 14 days for the money to be available for withdrawal.

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I dont understand this answer.

I’ve also just published my first “gig”.

At no time do I recall being asked what I’d like any money to be paid into.
How can I avoid someone getting me to do the work, and then simply not paying for it ?
Where does the customer pay the money, and how will it then reach me ?

Well the order should be marked as complete after three days. Did you send them an offer that they accepted before doing the work?

I only published the gig about 10 minutes ago, so I haven’t yet had any offers.

What happens if the buyer just doesn’t mark the order as complete, but has the finished work I did ?

If I remix or master a track for them, can they recieve the track without paying me, or is payment always upfront ?

well as long as the buyer purchased the order (Fiverr always notifies you when you have a new order), you should be good. The assignment get marked as complete within 3 days after you deliver the work.

You should be OK

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Once the deal is done, you create an offer. Once the buyer accepts it, the order is created. Fiverr holds that money for you. Once you have completed the work and you have sent it to the seller, the buyer will complete the order or the order would be completed automatically in 3 days. That is when you receive the money ( after 14 days of security clearance)

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whats to stop the buyer receiving the work and then issuing a “chargeback”, whilst still holding onto the audio file ?

okay so sometimes it happens that buyer is not satisfied with the work you have already sent. He will ask you for a cancellation. It won’t be cancelled if you deny it. If you feel you have provided the work which was required and seller is trying to scam you then you can leave for the fiverr to look into that issue. It has never happened with me by the way. You either accept the cancellation or the buyer asks for the changes and completes the order when it is done.

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Thanks that helps a lot.
Maybe they should include some mention of these things, for informational purposes, as a “gig” is being written.
Im sure i’m not the first person to have asked these things

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