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*How do I get paid (PayPal)?

I have income, but I can’t access it. So, actually, fiverr has money in the bank, me not so much.

I have written customer service twice but get no response.

HOW do you manage to get your money into your Paypal account? It says there should be a button, but I can’t locate it. I do NOT prefer the debit card. I never wind up spending anything on them and they lapse. Plus I’d have to pay extra and I already am earning very little (sometimes as little as 25 cents an hour), but that’s a different question.

Can someone help me please?

Thanks so much,


@ Gerry…After you log into Fiverr page > Sales > Revenues. From there you will see

a " PayPal " button which will allow you to transfer funds to your PayPal a/c.

Thanks. Found it, and I really appreciate the help.