How do i get paid


i just did some job recently on fiverr like a week now but yet to be paid. Please what do i need to do cause i’m baffled now. Thanks


Then after the funds clear you will either need a paypal account or a Fiverr Revenues card (Payoneer account) in order to withdraw funds. Do you have that set up yet?


If a buyer order you gig, once you finish the work and send it to him or her confirm delivery so that after three days the fund will be credited in your account but if you do a work and don’t link delivery after sending the work to the buyer, he or she can cancel the order and fiverr will refund his/her money while you loss.

Hard lesson i learn while buyer walk away with my $10 work after sending him the files


You need to do your work through orders. Don’t do, If buyers asked work without order.


You worked without someone placing an order ?

That’s not how it works.

Never start working without an order.