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How Do I Get Paid

This may sound dumb but how do I get paid. Do I send a paypal invoice to the buyer as soon as I finish the gig?

Sending a PayPal invoice is actually against the Fiverr Terms of Service, so be sure not to try that one. :slight_smile:

When a buyer orders a gig from you, the buyer pays in advance. You should never start working on their order until they have actually placed an order. Once they order, you will see the active order in your to-do list and a clock will count down how long you have remaining to avoid becoming late. If you deliver on time without any problems, the buyer can either click complete, request modification, or do nothing. If they use the modification button, you’ll have to redeliver to get the order wrapped up.

Once the order is complete either by them clicking complete or by doing nothing until the order automatically completes (which takes about 3 days) you’ll see your funds appear in the Revenues page as Pending. You get 80% and Fiverr gets 20%, so on a $5 order you get $4. Those funds are on hold for 14 days after completion and then you will have the option to withdraw the funds through Fiverr. Once you are getting regular orders the clearance period isn’t bad since you get paid every 2 weeks. The first time it seems long, though!

When you have Revenues ready to clear, you can set up your PayPal or other payment information in your Fiverr account to receive your money. Once you get rolling it’s good to wait until you have at least $50 to withdraw because PayPal fees cap at $1, so if you withdraw $50 you’ll get almost all of it ($49.) Here is more info on payment:

Since it sounds like you are new on Fiverr, I would suggest spending some time reading the help and Terms of Service on these pages:

Customer Support
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