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How do I get real customers?

I am new to all of this Fiverr stuff, but recently I have been really interested in the idea of taking somebody’s ideas and turning them into a reality. So I went a little overboard, and quit my underpaying and low hour job at Walmart. The thing is though is that all I get on Fiverr are messages from those who are attempting to scam me, and get banned from Fiverr within a few hours.


Freelancing is one of the most challenging and unstable types of work available these days. It isn’t wise to give up a steady job without having the freelance job bringing in some income first. As is the nature of freelancing, there are no guarantees of success, and it’s not an easy-money kind of job. You have to work very hard – harder than an employee job – just to get things rolling, and even then, you’ll probably be working long hours without any pay or customers. You need to build up your services and reputation before you have the potential of it paying off.

If you want clients on Fiverr, you’re going to have to do two things. First, you can keep sending responses to job requests in the Buyer Request section. Just keep in mind, you are competing against many other sellers who want that job as well. The seller who presents the best offer, and appeals directly to the needs of the buyer, is likely to win the job. There are no guarantees of winning those projects in the BR section.

The other thing that you can do is learn how to market and promote your gigs on your own. There are plenty of resources online to give you some idea how best to do this. If you can figure out who your target customers are, determine how you can solve their needs, and discover where they are located, you can go to those locations (online or off), and convince those target customers to hire you. There are, however, no guarantees that you’ll find customers this way either.

Being a freelancer is some of the hardest work you will ever do. But if you can connect to the people who need your services, and show them why they should hire you instead of someone else, the benefits of the job could start to turn in your direction.

There are no guarantees, but there is great potential – if you are willing to do the hard work required to build your business, grow your reputation, and offer a service that impresses people.


First of all, welcome to Fiverr.
I personally agree with what Jon said, I’ve read people posting things like
“I quit my job and created an account here on Fiverr,” unless you are at a point where you
are making a reasonable amount of money, quitting a stable job ( no matter how low the payment is) isn’t the best idea. Even if you DO get to a point where you are making thousands every month, Fiverr being your only source of income can backfire at times.
However since you have already quit your job you can’t do much about that, but if you are willing to do so, I’d look for another side job until things get better in Fiverrland for you.

Now about your gigs. The description looks a bit short to me, and I am not seeing that many good sample images. I believe there are many sellers here that are offering same services and have had hundreds of orders, have you checked out their gigs?
I’m sure those popular people have more eye-catching images with a bit more detailed description. Be sure to check out your competitors.

It seems like this suggestion sometimes work and in other cases it doesn’t work at all, but you can try starting with your friends or people around you. Let them know that you have created a gig, and maybe, juuuuust maybe one of your friends ( or friend’s friend) will place an order. They will need to create an account too though, of course.


Already in my thought 8 years ago. Then I was thinking, why do I, my friends, my friends of friends and people around me have to create an account if they can buy my service through offline? They can just contact me through e-mail or short messages.

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True, but I can see some friends helping another friend out, so I’m sure there were people in the past who were willing to take the extra step of creating an account and placing an order through Fiverr. At least those people will be able to leave good reviews, that should help to attract new buyers up to a certain point, and IF you did a great job, those friends might want to just contact you directly and you won’t be even needing Fiverr anymore. :thinking:


If I remember correctly, they’re no longer allowed to do that. When Fiverr started out, they did encourage everyone to get their friends and family to order from them and leave them awesome reviews, but now, I think, it’s review manipulation. If they truly need the service, they can order, but they shouldn’t leave a review.

Unless they’ve changed the rules again.


Hmm yes, Like I said to you before, and another things; not everyone have credit card, the word of helping and leaving good review can be say as scam/manipulating system (If you read the news about Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and etc removed also banned fake followers) and then I read many many so many post asking about seller and buyer do transaction outside Fiverr and the answer is read the faq (breaking Fiverr rules).
But yes, really, I knew what are you thinking about it.

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