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How do I get reviewed samples to appear on my gig?

Whenever I look at other sellers in my category, they all have reviewed samples that appear AFTER their demo reel, sometimes up to 10 samples. These samples have the full clip of the completed order as well as the buyer’s review.

I contacted customer support for assistance with this and they gave me the instructions for uploading a demo reel, which I already have live on my page. I specifically want to know how to get the reviewed, completed audio to appear on my gig samples. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I mean.

Thanks in advance :cowboy_hat_face:!

Go the the Gig tab and at the far right of each gig you will see a small box with a triangle on it. Click it and make sure live portfolio is checked. Now it is up to the buyer after completing the order if they would like for their purchase to appear on your live portfolio or not.


Oops… I already have this box ticked! But nothing has ever shown up on my gig preview :confounded:

Anyway thanks for your help! I wish more buyers would chose to allow their work to appear here. I see other voice actors with tons of these clips and I think it would really help my gig!

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Some buyers rather not have their purchases link to their profile. My gig is for ghostwriting lyrics and more than half rather not have their purchase shown. I’m pretty sure you will get a few eventually. Good luck.