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How do I get rid of an incomplete order in queue?

I have a question regarding an order that is “stuck” in my queue. The person already placed an order and I completed and delivered it. I’m thinking that they may have created the order in error prior to sending me the actual order and didn’t complete it, but there is no way to delete the order or remove it from my queue. Please see the screenshot below. Can someone assist? Thank you.


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You’ll have to cancel it via Customer Support if you want it removed.

The alternative to a cancelation would be to inform the buyer in case they want to order something else now or later. It can technically stay there forever.


I have 1400$ worth incompleted orders.

Thank you lenasemenkova!

If you ask CS to cancel the order, your completion rate will descrease.
So, unfortunately, the best thing is to not do anything.

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I’ve contacted CS service before on removing several incomplete orders and they said it did not hurt or affect any of your rates, etc. May need to check on this again. You can even cancel it yourself if they don’t respond after a certain amount of time, With the new dashboard layout, I find seeing those even more annoying. I usually give buyers a few months, contact them twice, and then cancel it.

It definitely affects your “Order Completion” rate!

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hi ! i have a same problem… but you can show this order. but i could not see anything . but its sys 1 order in stock . dont think about it. and igonore this