How do I get sales?


Hey everyone, Can somebody please tell me how to get sales because I’ Tried almost everything I could but still no results ! Here is my gig for tips etc.


Have you taken the time to reach out to your target customers and market and promote your services to the people that need them?


as always suggested by you


Yes, this is always “suggested by me”. And I suggest it, “always”, because this is what sellers should be doing. Even Fiverr is set up to encourage self-responsibility. Sellers are responsible for maintaining, growing and promoting their own services. It is NOT Fiverr’s responsibility to make sellers successful.

You can complain about my repeated advice on the forums, but that doesn’t make my advice any less true or appropriate. Build your own business, don’t expect Fiverr or anyone else to do it for you.


I’m not complaining about anything.
don’t be offended by every comment


Your, “you always say that” (paraphrased) comment read EXACTLY like a complaint. it was unnecessary, and I responded to it as such.

The only thing I am offended by, is sellers who don’t want to listen to wisdom and advice. I write what I do to help people. The reason I keep writing the same thing is because people don’t want to hear that hard work is required. They want the easy answer, but there are no easy answers. Freelancers on Fiverr must do work to earn their success.

You have 510 reviews here on Fiverr. Surely you understand my point.


I do understand your point and many times i’ve spoken in favour of it.
sellers need to take care of their business on their own.
when you see a drop in sale you should try to promote your self
show yourself in market
register your presence

you always advice this to all sellers and I must say I took your advice and worked on it.
it always helps me when the traffic is down

all I meant to say is:
it’s a very true fact and a great advice


I’m glad to hear this. I am equally glad to hear that we are on the same page, and that my repeated advice in the past has helped you to become the successful seller that you are now.

My apologies if I misread the original intent behind your first comment. After dealing with so many other “I can’t do this, do it for me” new sellers today, the context of your “you always say this” comment sounded a bit like a snarky dig at me. I am glad to hear that that wasn’t the case. :slight_smile:


I appreciate you keep telling everyone the facts and the hard truth which is usually difficult to accept.
hopefully people will start to understand someday


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I hope so too. I want people to succeed. But for many new sellers on this forum to be able to start succeeding, they need to stop expecting Fiverr to be a money tree, and realize that they have to work hard, and even sacrifice, to earn their success.

Success never, ever comes free or cheap. :slight_smile:


success needs a lot of hard work
we have sellers and buyer from every part of the world
many of the sellers and buyers have a lot of time difference
to be successful you need to stay alert all the time to keep your communication quick, understand when you’re getting more chat, adjust your other daily routine accordingly.

being a freelancer is not an easy job
and to be successful you need to work very hard