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How do I get scrolling "What people loved about this seller" to appear on gig page

I noticed many sellers have a click-and-scroll, “What people loved about this seller” section that appears above the “About This Gig” section on their gig page(s). By clicking, you can see positive reviews without having to scroll down to the bottom of the page. This click-and-scroll reviews section appears on gig pages for those at Level 1 all the way up through Top Rated Sellers. I have been a Level 1 seller for several months but don’t see it on my page. How do I get this to appear on my gig page?


It’s not something that you can ask for. It’s either random and Fiverr selects those gig they feel like giving it to.

Thanks for the reply. Since there are no other replies I would assume you are correct. So it’s just a thing Fiverr either does randomly or for handpicked sellers. Hmmmm. I was hoping there was a setting I wasn’t seeing that I could just switch on or something I could configure. Oh, well.

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