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How do I get seller's gig demo to function & how do I get "Add a file attachment" to function


My equipment

Mac iBook G4 ppc

Firefox v 3.6.28


I’m a potential buyer.

This is my first time on the site.

The seller whose page I’m on is fragglesrock,

I am unable to get the demonstration of fragglesrock work (gigs) to work, that is, the window with arrows to scroll to see examples of his work. How do I get it to function so I can see his work?

In adddition, I can’t get the “Add a file attachment” to click to take me to a place where I can attach a screenshot.

How do I get these things to function?



PS The ‘Attach a file’ works here. The picture is of the window with examples of his work I can’t access.


Madmoo (of 1351 posts!!) and mayuracw,

Thanks. I found out it’s a computer problem. My computer with Mac OS 10.4.11 is not able to run any version of Firefox more recent that v. 3.6.28 (Mac? v 17 must be for PC, right?). But when I tried the fiverr site and its functions on Safari v 4.1.3, the functions I was having trouble with worked. This is the same with a couple of other sites, but not many, and I prefer firefox.

I’ve posted some other discussions and I need to see if the resolution to them is the same Firefox/Safari solution.

Thanks to both of you. Does “Like” next to your names specific to this fiverr discussion/site or is it some Facebook thing? Does it benefit you and your ratings specifically?

Mayuracw, I’ll be getting back to you on your site about my project.