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How do i get started as a new Free-lancer?

How to get started as a new Free-lancer? So i registered today, and i already posted 2 gigs in which i reckon that i’m expert at. The gigs are low pricey, and the service i offer is not bad. I know that i should not be expecting an order right from the first day, but i just want to know how much time it will take me to my first purchase?

I’m pretty sure everyone will think, an user with 0 rating,i wouldn’t buy from him, so how do i get started as a new user? It is so hard, and i would really want to convince the buyers that when i do a job, then consider its really done. Thank you very much for reading, any heartwarming tips would be appreciated!

Sometimes people will get their first order within hours of posting their first gig,
in other cases days, weeks, even months.
One thing I will point out about your gig is the poor quality of your sample images.
They look grainy and distorted, and it gives me the impression that you just quickly
searched around google, picked a random image, and used it.
It shows that you did not bother taking the time to create good quality professional looking
images that describes your service. Just by looking at the sample images, I’d personally
avoid buying your gigs. You might want to ask an experienced graphic designer to help you.

Well i can’t say that you are right, by the way i personally made those pictures, i didn’t google up for them, but i’ll change them and input something with a higher quality. Thanks for your comment and advice!

Be proactive, advertise yourself on your social networks, check buyers requests section often, see what you are good at, and apply on them.

Thanks very much, what are the odds that a new user with 0 rating would be noticed?

I was a new user with 0 rating on 10. June 2016. Now I have 5 satisfied customers, mainly because my gigs are rather specific and costly. But good presentation, swift, quality work, and good communication in buyers request section brought me my customers.

Thank you very much, and do you think that providing video file, as a preview of the service, will bring more customers?