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How do I get the first order now?

I have joined your Fiverr,I hope you will help me. please some advice that will help me get first order.Pray for me. Thanks for your time.


Well this is not the right category to ask suggestions but I think this might help you.


you can get your order in weeks or it might take months. Rank your gig stay online at-least 12 hours a day. Send buyer request as much as you can. And the biggest thing after doing all this is PATIENCE .

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Stop perpetuating this total lie. The time you spend has nothing to do with orders. You’re just parroting myths others have posted and it’s not helpful. You’re just encouraging people to waste their time. Please stop.


if you gonna motivate someone for his/her positive vision as a beginner. there’s not a bad parroting myths words. be positive be patience.

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Do you really think it is helpful to spread lies? Really?

Parroting myths just encourages people to spend time on things that don’t work. I’m not negative by asking you to not spread lies. Come on, now…

And I do give a lot of advice here. Instead a lot of sellers choose to believe in silly tricks.


Be practical, i have done these kind of steps to get mine 1st order, just share mine experience here, i’m not talking about your vision, so please don’t quarrel with me, just share your experience that’s all. thanks (:

I AM being practical.

You’re assuming you got an order here because you spent 12 hours a day here. That is faulty logic and makes no sense and I won’t let you encourage people to waste their time because of some absurd belief system you have about why you got an order.

And is it practical to stay online 12 hours to get a single order? No. You aren’t getting paid for that time. But I suppose advising people of that makes me impractical, right?

Stop acting like it’s harmless to spread myths and encourage people to waste their time. It’s so ignorant and irresponsible.

If you want to talk practicality, encourage people to learn their market instead of doing absurd tricks.

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so you think, stay offline and rude to provide some good work. and came here with your free time and get good result or deliver quality stuff also. com on, now… think out of the box, spent your great time to get great result. just in positive way.(:
patience is a bad term for you! non-professionalism logic you gonna point out here.

I said the time you spend doesn’t correlate with the orders you get, therefore I think you should tell people to stay offline? You have major problems with logic. That makes no sense at all and you know that’s not what I said.

It’s remarkable the lengths you are taking to promote the spread of myths.

If only you put that energy towards advice that actually works instead of silly tricks. I promote understanding one’s market and you know that. But it’s easier to spread myths to try to look smart, right?

By your rationale I should tell people to drink spoiled milk.

actually you have’t great logic about the TIME to manage. you just share your experience here not to be point out someone experience to demotivate the achievements.

Asking you to not spread lies is not demotivation.

Lies are not motivating.

I do share a lot of advice here. I also dispel absurd myths that would hurt sellers if they followed them. But that means I’m demotivating, right? Wow…