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How do I get the my first order?

I opened a new account in Fiverr. please provide me some suggestions that will help to get my first order. Maybe I could build my career for your suggestions. Pray for me.
thank you for your valuable time.


Congrats for joining us! Welcome to the forum! Here, you can share experience to encourage others and ask some questions, just make sure they have not been asked and answered before. :wink:

Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.


Please be patience and try to active as long as possible , use fiverr app to response instantly and share your gigs on social media .


If you want your gigs to rank high on **Fiverr, here are some tips to help you achieve that:

  1. Carryout proper on page SEO. Add keywords to tags.
  2. Increase your gig impressions.
  3. Make your first sale as quickly as possible.
  4. Stay online always.
  5. Ensure a good conversion rate.
  6. Get loyal customers.
  7. Get promoted to a higher level ASAP.

Be patient, and research your market. Check out the best key words, use social media promos, and use buyer requests (I did another post on how to use buyer requests effectively!


Staying online always is not going to help someone get a sale and is a poor investment of time.

It is what you do with your time that makes the impact.


Thanks for your advice


Thanks it is a great idea


Thank you. Helpful comments… It will be help to the beginner freelancers.


I kind of don’t agree with you. Some sellers said they had no requests to apply to. What I saw in Fiverr forum was multiple times sellers said, staying online for long time brings requests back.


one thing you could do is spend time becoming helpful on this forum


Hi and welcome

You might find this useful:

All the best


I totally agree with you. :ok_hand:t4: :tropical_drink:For some odd reason people assume not having a life is the best way to get sales. Maybe, they need to spend less time reading tips & tricks from shady self-proclaimed 5r internet gurus.


Just optimize your gig. Make sure your gig has good and attractive title and your gig image describing your service clearly…

you will get early sales !


staying online & connected forum.

Time alone doesn’t get sales and the sales you think you get from time alone are a poor investment.

If you are online all the time and get 100 sales (which isn’t going to happen for someone who thinks his home sales work), that doesn’t even compensate for all that time you could be doing other things. You aren’t even breaking even on the investment of time, let alone making a profit.


Thanks. This is why I get irritated. Bad advice means bad gigs and that reflects poorly on all of us.

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I’d say yes and no to the “staying online” thingy, if you are just sitting there just waiting for orders to magically fall from the sky, yes, you are obviously wasting your time.
On the other hand if you are spending hours checking other successful people’s gigs and reading every corner of the forum, I think that’s time well spent.
There is so much you can learn by just checking out the whole d@rn website.
And oh, be sure to take your time reading the TOS. THAT will take hours for sure…


I agree. That use of time is an investment in your business growth rather than just being online for the sake of it and not doing anything else.

“On the other hand if you are spending hours checking other successful people’s gigs and reading every corner of the forum, I think that’s time well spent.”

I agree with that too.

Who said alone. After I said stay online, buyer requests will come back, you will apply and not be alone. :wink: